Manufacturers' Representatives For Quality Tools & Accessories



Manufacturers' Representatives For Quality Tools & Accessories


Cutler Sales provides their manufacturers with many services and benefits above and beyond other  traditional Sales Rep Firms.



• Sales Reps with Hands-On Experience. Our Reps have worked in the field and understand the needs of our customers and the end users of the products we represent. This unique perspective has earned our reps the respect of their industry peers.

Highly Competent Inside Sales Team with the knowledge and technical expertise to be effective and efficient. Our dedicated inside team is friendly and professional, and one of the reasons our customers enjoy working with Cutler Sales.

• Product Promotions, including regular Emailed Newsletters to our large database of industry contacts. We also do periodic mailings and other outbound marketing in support of new product introductions.

• Training and Technical Assistance. We provide problem solving for our customers, and help find effective solutions. Distributors and End Users depend on us to provide training to use products correctly, and to give the users assurance that they have purchased the correct tool for their application.

• Meetings and Demonstrations.  Our “New Tools in the Box”  are valuable hands-on demonstrations which provide a very effective opportunity for users to see and touch the newest products from our Manufacturers.

• Hard Work and Determination. We believe that success comes from persistence and knocking on a lot of doors. We don’t rest once we’ve signed a manufacturer, and we work hard to continue to promote and market products for all of our customers.

• Communication. Cutler is focused on communicating clearly and quickly with distributors, manufacturers and end users. We believe that effective communication is the key to successful companies achieving their goals and maximizing their potential


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