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  • Advent Tool and Manufacturing, Inc

    Thread Milling, Form Milling and Specialty Milling Systems


    Finest quality thread milling, form milling, specialty milling systems and solutions


    It is the primary goal of Advent Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. to be the customer needs driven, preferred world class manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality thread milling, form milling, specialty milling systems and solutions, to the machining, metalworking, and manufacturing industry for the next millennium.


    High performance form milling is now within your reach. Advent Tool & Manufacturing is pleased to offer the finest, proven and well engineered form milling tooling in the industry.


    Made by craftspeople for craftspeople, they feel their tools are so well made that the only regret you’ll have buying their mills is that you’ll eventually have to use them instead of displaying them!



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  • Alvord-Polk Inc.

    Reamers, HSS, Cobalt, Carbide


    Alvord-Polk Tool has manufactured the highest-quality standard and special reamers in the industry. "Aircraft-Quality Reamers" is not just a saying—it's a commitment to you, our customers, to provide reamers which meet the industry's most critical inspection standards.


    Alvord-Polk offers a full line of reamers, carbide reamers, counterbores, core drills, and capscrew counterbores.






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  • Lexington Cutter

    Carbide Tipped Tooling


    Quality Carbide and Carbide Tipped Cutting Tools. Lexington Cutter is an American manufacturer producing carbide tipped and solid carbide cutting tools for the metal working, automotive, aerospace, and industrial supply industries.

    Lexington has a large selection of standard cutting tools with over 20,000 line items and over 95% in stock in finished or semi-finished form.







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  • Fullerton Tool Company

    Solid Carbide Cutting Tools

    Fullerton Tool Company is a third-generation, family-owned business that specializes in the design and production of solid carbide cutting tools for a wide variety of industries. They manufacture high quality end mills, drills, reamers, burrs, saws, keyseat cutters, and custom tooling. Their tooling is used wherever there is a machining application, no matter how simple or complex. In addition to manufacturing quality tooling, their sales, engineering, and customer service teams are here to help you find the right tool and set up optimal perimeters specific to your machining application. Fullerton Tool company goes beyond the tool to ensure that you have a complete tooling solution for your needs.


    Fullerton’s end mills are now available with the HAIMER Safe-Lock System to help improve your productivity and profits. The unique Safe-Lock design in cutting tools and tool holders combines high precision shrink fit clamping with a positive form locking mechanism. This prevents round cutting tools from being rotated or completely pulled out from tool holders during heavy machining.


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  • North American Tool

    Special Taps, Dies, Thread Mills, Carbide Tools, and Gages



    North American Tool Corporation manufactures a complete line of inch and metric dimensioned special taps, dies and gages, available in most cases for same day shipment. We also manufacture solid carbide taps, carbide insert taps, combination drill and tap, thread forming taps, acme/trapezoidal taps, pipe taps, extension taps, thread milling cutters, PM (particle metallurgy) taps, coolant fed taps, screw thread insert (STI) taps, PG thread series taps, and specials designed to your exact criteria. Our companion line of precision thread plug and ring gages, as well as cylindrical plug and ring gages, are also readily available.


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    North American Tool also
    develops interactive apps
    that assist users of taps,
    dies and gages.




    Check out North American Tool's
    Thread Tap App:


    View a Demo of the New
    Co-Branded Thread Tap App

    Available for North American Tool Distributors

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  • Triumph Twist Drill

    High-Quality Cutting Tools including: Thunderbit®, Thundertap®, TriNADO®

    Triumph Twist Drill - Has Manufactured High-Quality Cutting Tools For Over 50 Years.

    Our complete line of drills, special purpose tools, taps and dies include the Thunderbit® and Thunderbit® Cobalt lines, Thundertap®, TriNADO®, Alignment Reamer, MRO Plus, Solid Carbide Burs, Annular Cutters, tools and sets.


    ThunderBit® High Performance drills are made from industrial grade steel. Unique spiral flute design improves chip ejection and coolant flow to the point.


    TriNADO® Drills are the perfect no-slip tool for your cordless drilling needs the special 3-flat shank provides a positive grip in cordless, key-less and conventional power tools.


    ▪ High Performance ThunderTaps® are designed for efficient, close tolerance tapping. Precision ground cutting surfaces for precise thread production.

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